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Bin Blocks

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We carry high quality concrete products. Our bin blocks are available for pick up or delivery Monday through Saturday. We carry two block styles at competitive pricing.
2’x2’x6’ Interlocking V-Block
the V-Interlock block has been used for years in the industry as the go-to for straight-forward, get-it-done-now applications. These blocks are perfect (and most commonly used) for industrial applications such as batch plant fencing and product divider bins. A raised “male” V notch runs along the top and down one side of the block while an inner “female” V notch runs along the bottom and up the other side. V-Interlock blocks are the only blocks to interlock on all four sides, making it the most stable, secure, and connected when compared to other systems on the market.
5’ x 10’ Divider Barriers
Also referred to as “K-Rail” or “Concrete Traffic Barrier,” a precast jersey utility barrier is a standard in perimeter security. Designed for highway traffic, these cement dividers serve to protect from vehicular impact. Other customers use concrete dividers for sidewalks, parking areas, property separation, events, parks, and a myriad of other applications. Jersey Barriers help to separate lanes of traffic while minimizing the risk of head-on collisions. In case of vehicle impact, they’re designed to withstand and absorb energy while reducing the amount of damage caused to the vehicle and barrier itself.
Our bin blocks are available for pickup or delivery Monday-Friday. Call us today at 517-223-5000 for a FREE quote!

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